Cognitive Concentration

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Although often overlooked, the brain is the most important organ in our body.
It controls everything from basic bodily functions to our thoughts and emotions. So taking care of your brain is essential to maintaining good health.

CogniSpice combats the deterioration of connections in our neuronal network and helps us to retain a good memory.

What motivated me to launch the exciting CogniSpice, was to see my father losing his memory, losing the memory of our first names because of neurodegenerative diseases, It's tough at the end of life!
Laurent MOY

By making CogniSpice part of your routine, you’re protecting your brain, helping it to age better, and boosting its cognitive capacity and concentration from time to time.

Everyone has their own health reasons, but they’re all good ones!

Get your day off to a good start and activate your brain first thing in the morning.

Take CogniSpice in your coffee as a morning ritual.

Need to concentrate and be active for your clients and work.

Take CogniSpice with your mug of tea as a ritual throughout the day.

Need to unwind in the evening
before bed.

Take CogniSpice with your herbal tea as an evening ritual.

More information on our ulule campaign ☛

CogniSpice has a slightly spicy aroma with hints of vanilla, caramel and a slight woody note.

Flavours that go perfectly with your favourite infusion ritual.

CogniSpice is made up of 9 plants and spices, of which clove is the main constituent.

Details of each plant on our website ☛

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The effectiveness of patented ingredients based on Clove bud for laboratory formulas.