Your effiency study

To make your recipe, you need to know the effective daily dose in HTBE to be incorporated into it. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a efficacy study (dose-response) to set up your scientific file. This will also enable you to verify efficacy as a function of EBHT dose, and consequently to verify absence of toxicity in high concentrations. You’ll then know the effective daily dose, and the cost of your formula.

Our 3 main components


Eugenol ,an aromatic compound, is the active ingredient in the majority of cloves. Its concentration generally varies between 75% and 88%.


β-caryophyllèneacts as a natural anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It also has antioxidant properties.

Eugenyl acetate

Eugenyl acetate is a constituent of cloves and a derivative of eugenol. It is not present in abundance, its concentration varying between 4 and 5%.

To create the ideal product, we had to test the concentration of each of our compounds. To do this, we carried out a battery of tests to ensure that our product was safe and beneficial to your cognitive health.

Example of a cognitive health objectification method (CogniSpice)

Efficacy and toxicity study in vitro for nutraceutical recipes.

Our methodology involves preparing various formulations of your nutraceutical recipe with different concentrations of the active ingredient. We systematically evaluate responses in terms of efficacy and toxicity across the entire dosage range.

Key steps : Recipe preparation: Multiple formulations of your nutraceutical recipe will be meticulously prepared, covering a range of dosage levels from low to high.

Efficacy testing: Each variant of the recipe will be subjected to rigorous in vitro efficacy testing, using relevant assays and models to assess the desired effects.

Toxicity evaluation: We will simultaneously evaluate the toxicity of each formulation at different dosage levels. This will involve monitoring for any adverse effects or loss of efficacy as doses increase.

Data analysis: A comprehensive data analysis will be carried out to identify the optimal dosage range where efficacy is maximized without compromising safety. We will also determine the threshold at which toxicity becomes a concern.

Benefits :

Optimized dosing: Determine the precise daily dosage that maximizes nutraceutical efficacy while maintaining safety.

Risk mitigation: Identify potential toxicity issues associated with high dosages, to ensure consumer safety.

Scientific rigor: Our study adheres to rigorous scientific standards, producing credible, actionable results.

Market advantage: Offering a nutraceutical product backed by efficacy and safety data that sets it apart in the marketplace.

Our in vitro efficacy and toxicity studies provide a comprehensive understanding of how to optimize the dosage of your nutraceutical recipe. By taking into account both efficacy and potential toxicity, we ensure that your product is not only effective, but also safe for consumption within the recommended dosage range. This approach reinforces consumer confidence and product success.

If you would like to take advantage of our expertise to optimize the efficacy and safety of your nutraceutical recipe, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to delivering scientifically sound results that will benefit your product and your consumers.

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The effectiveness of patented ingredients based on Clove bud for laboratory formulas.