An Extract from an optimized process

Clovenol is obtained by atomization (evaporation of the solvent) after the extraction phase.

Benefits of this extract :

  1. 5x higher concentration: increased efficacy and reduced dosage
  2. Formulation with adherence to daily dose by simple weighing

And why an Clovenol ?

Clovenol at 5mg/ml gives you a formula that’s more effective because it’s higher in active ingredients.

We’ve created clovenol that contains a high concentration of the plant’s active compounds. This makes our extract more effective than other clove extracts, which may have a lower concentration.

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Dose and regulations

Clovenol lets you :

• adjust the amount of ingredient to the active dose for your sphere (objectification).
• comply with the recommended daily dose of 125 or 250mg/day of Clovenol.

Children → 6kg at 12.5mg/day of Eugenol

Clove is a risk-free plant as long as it is consumed at concentrations of less than 1.5g/kg.


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The effectiveness of patented ingredients based on Clove bud for laboratory formulas.