HTBE® , an optimized process

In partnership with the Laboratoire Stress Oxydatif St Jerôme in Marseille, Aroma-Science has developed an eco-extraction technology that optimizes the active molecules of interest.

Highly Titrated Botanical Extract (HTBE®) is obtained by atomization (evaporation of the solvent) after the extraction phase.

Benefits of HTBE® :

  1. 5x higher concentration: increased efficacy and reduced dosage
  2. Formulation with adherence to daily dose by simple weighing
  3. Standardized, controlled and consistent production from batch to batch

And why an HTBE?

Extrait Botanique Hautement Titré (HTBE) 5mg/ml gives you a formula that’s more effective because it’s higher in active ingredients.

We’ve created a highly titrated botanical extract (HTBE) of clove that contains a high concentration of the plant’s active compounds. This makes our extract more effective than other clove extracts, which may have a lower concentration.

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Dose and regulations

Titrated Extract allows you to :

adjust the quantity of ingredient to the active dose for your sphere (objectification).
respect the maximum recommended daily dose with a regulation of maximum 125mg/day of clove extract and 2.5mg/day/kg for eugenol.

Adult Average weight → 60kg at 150mg max for eugenol

Children → 6kg at 12.5mg eugenol


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The effectiveness of patented ingredients based on Clove bud for laboratory formulas.