Our History

Since 2012, we have been working in collaboration with the team at the Saint Jérôme Oxidative Stress Laboratory in Marseille to develop new Highly Titrated Botanical Extracts (EBHT®) based on clove. These extracts have been used to create effective nutraceutical and health nutrition formulas, including CogniSpice, a patented cognitive concentrate for brain care.

Aroma Science, EBHT and CogniSpice were born of this work!

The founder's idea

For this reason, Laurent MOY, PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, has collaborated with a laboratory in Shanghai to optimize a recipe based on 9 plants, SHXW (SuXeHiang Wan). Traditionally used to treat stroke in Chinese medicine, this recipe is also known for its neuroprotective properties.

Today, CogniSpice is used in food and dietary supplement formulas. Other clove-based recipes are currently being developed for laboratory formulas, with nutrition and health ingredients as a model for preventing age-related illnesses.

Aroma Science

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The effectiveness of patented ingredients based on Clove bud for laboratory formulas.